May 07,2023

It has come to my attention that this domain has not  indexed with the search engines, kindly bookmark this page while the search engine propagates the domain. 

April 04,2023

Know before you buy and sell real estate with a  Point of Sale Inspection (POSI) attached to the roof over your head !

Let's address the elephant in the room.  How in the heck did  I aquire this domain? Answer.  It was allocated to me ,by a Higher Power ,for  a mission , to share information with  uneducated homeowners,  about buying into a POSI  and to share my ordeal while "owning "property in a POSI community.  

If you purchased property in Cleveland Heights ,Ohio you will want to read POSI  Ordinance  Chapter 1329.   For the  busy homeowners and  future buyers, I  have     recorded Chapter 1329  via You Tube.                     

Never before have I needed to change websites,for the same content or problem. 

 www.2591leeroad.com   The web hosting company discontiued the software on  March 31,2021. I am not able to update the website .  To transfer the content, cost money and takes time.  For now, it is a reference website. 

 Purchased  another domain with the same web hosting company.  After two years,of posting,  on March 1,2023, I was unable to publish on www.posohio.org for seven days, due to migration of the server and a new C panel installation.   Although the work is completed the uploading  is slower, now,  than before  to make a  simple change.  This website will also be a reference  website until I can  transfer the content.  

January 27,2021 : I realized that I am a  DOT.com, because I'm generating  streams of legal and illegal revenue  for many people, welcome to www.princessadaisrael.com. It is used as a  pointer page /traffic generator  for my websites . 

March 13,2023 the birth of www.pointofsaleinspection.com,  came to my surprise when the domain  was available. The POSI is over 20 years old , in Ohio and much older in the state of IIlinois that have over 150  POSI communities and nobody purchased this domain.  

777DEFENDER.com will become my blog page  as a homeless veteran , wondering from pillar to post .  Call it camping,glamping, none the less, I will be  homeless by force, not by choice.  

We Got the Truth and the Proof  is the promotional page for my documentary ,that has been delayed due to this POSI mess. 


The information on this website are the allegations,experiences and opinions  of  Princess Ada Israel's  "homeownership" , in a POSI city, located in Cleveland Heights,Ohio from February 14,2020 until present, currently waiting  on the property to  complete  foreclosure proceedings.  Every effort  has been made to report the truth of the events that transpired. 

The content of this website  is not legal advice, please seek legal counsel before buying into  a POSI city.   Not liable for any errors within the website or reference links. 

Ohio Revised Code Section 2739.01 Libel and slander  Per legal counsel stating the TRUTH is NOT slander or defamation of character. 

 First Amendment 


All Rights reserved  2023 and beyond.