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 May 07,2023

First Black-owned bank in the United States in two decades opens in Ohio.


COVID 19 PANDEMIC National Disaster ended

How mortgage forebearance affects your credit.

The Americn People were bamboozled big time. Homeowners like myself ,bit that 🍏 only to find out that the   one year  forebearance ,later would double  their interest rate with additional fees.  In my case ,UWM doubled my interest rate ,added a juinior loan over  $60K,with a new 30 year loan, strangely my credit decreased and increased my payment by $500 per month. Of course I declined the loan modifcation. How in the heck does one year  mortgage payment equate to that

This was the  biggest scam on homeowners since the 2008  crisis 


April 04,2023

To whomever that is tampering with my credit score, I have been aware since April 2020 , after I started calling lawyers about alleged mortgage fraud.  I have archived all my unexplained point drops.  I will post my scrore drops, at a later date and list the corresponding events that were happening at the time. 

Per the Pandemic Forebearance CARES ACT , the lender shall report the loan as CURRENT, while the loan is in forebearance and loan modification stage, oddly my scores are dropping ,as if it was reported as late payments 20 to 30 points at a time  for no reason. 

When the bank post my foreclosure, I will add to my  credit reports   my 100 words : "Victim of (alleged) mortgage fraud,for unknown reasons points dropped prior to foreclosure  starting April 2020, after purchase of property ,all of my lines of credit  are/were paid on time, full details Cuyahoga County  Foreclosure parcel number 687-20-002 , * * . 

Foreclosure stays on your credit report seven years  from the date of the first missed payment that led to foreclosure ,in my case, that is October 2021, meaning it should fall off October-November  2028.  

Seek  free help from non profit credit counselor to get your life back on track.  

How rich people give their children perfect credit scores

Check Your Consumer Report Immediately



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