July 16,2023

2526 Lee Road vacant due to foreclosure purchased by the bank for $160K on June 06,2023.  Amazingly noone bidding on this property when it went to auction.  the Foote former owners made almost $14K after the  sale. 

Think about it no one purchased a $160K property in a $300K neighborhood.  Yet so called investors are harrasing me  about a property with legal  issues and excessive repairs. 

2592 Dartmoor Road vacant taken off the market vacant.  Unknown persons have a large log and  concretre pieces near my fence to watch me and activate my motion lioghts on the fence.

The owner and myself removed all bushes from the fenceline  and now someone is  running down the side of 2599 Lee Road to set those motion lights off.

Having vacant properties nearby brings homeless people to the community. Unkempt yards breeds rodents and blight on the block. 


May 07,2023

Now that the houses have sold on the block maybe they will rush my foreclosure through the court.

April 16,2023

Buying/selling property in a POSI community, the buyer can afford to wait until the 9th through 12th month before the POSI expires.  The downfall,for nine months, homeowners entertain tire kickers,waiters and possibly home invaders  hoping it's a buyer. 

 In a non- POSI community a homeowner can stand on their price,set their terms until the property sells for near the listing price without government interference. 

Avoid buying properties that have additional restrictions,questionable enforcements and unable to sell/rent without an inspection or escrow for repairs. 

Based on what former  homeowners  shared with me, who "sold"  their property  in  a POSI community.

 Their POSI escrow was close to the equity, in their home and the repairs exceeded more than what they wanted to invest. 

They went through several price reductions before  a buyer  made an offer and it came with another price reduction. 

Hence, they gave their property away to avoid another POSI. 

To sale your property in a POSI community it takes money . If a homeowner has an inspection  and change their mind, not to sale, because the repairs are to high, they are still obligated to make the repairs. If not, a property owner  can acccumalate fines and a lien,  if they enter into a POSI  and cannot make repairs and/or escrow. 

This POSI is not your friend.  This is a complex real estate "scheme", with a higher risk to building generational wealth.  

Tack on  excessive, questionable property taxes and you have a combination that could MUCK  you UP with a few keystrokes from the County tax board and the POSI  inspector's pen from the  City. 

In my opinion ,everybody is not paying these high @@@ taxes, nor paying  high @@@ escrow/repairs. when they sell.  The POSI is not fair in persecuting violators. I am a victim of  the POSI, not being fair.  

To date, I have lost a property that was supposed to be my retirement home ,that was " rehabbed",  that  appraised for $260K , purchased  February 14, 2020. 

Thanks  to the  discovery of the  POSI on February 25,2020, it was the day, I realized that I was MUCKED over ,thanks to a slick @@@  realtor, with almost 15 years experience, at the time of my sale. 

This can happen to you and it has happened to others buying into a POSI. 




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