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May 2023

Zombie drug tranq in Ohio linked to increased deaths in Ohio, Cuyahoga County.

I knew there was something going on with the people in OHIO as I drove pass certain  neighborhoods.  

Cuyahoga County "improperly withheld"videos of jail abuse from attorneys in lawsuit,federal judge rules. 

I'm not surprised, I have seen thngs in this state, county and city that I have never seen in any state before. 

"Imposter" making traffic stops,trying to :lure women," local sherriff's office warns

This is a dangerous situation people will be afraid to stop for popo thinking they are an imposter and get killed for fleeing. 

Cleveland police staffing levels decrease, crime increases 

Real gangster are about to take over , auto,business and homeowners insurance will increase due to high crime. 

18 arrested in Northeast Ohio drug trafficking  conspiracy after 2-year investigation.  This messsage is for the drug dealers ,big and small ,they already know you dealing and they watching you,popo  gathering edvidence for airtight case to give you the maximum prison time and rack up enough money and property to  take from your family.  

NAACP sues after MISSISSIPPI expands control over law enforcement in Jackson

"I am innocent. " Tiffany Gardner demands release from prison after investigation into East Cleveland Police Department. 

Garfield Heights site on Cuyahoga shot list to build new jail  sources say: 

Cuyahoga County planning "key"upgrades to existing jail while finalizing new facility.

The government seems to always have money to build new jails but not affordable housing.  Why? Because jails and prisons produce revenue ,a collect call is .25 cents a minute. 

Biden signs a bill to fight expensive prison phone calls cost. 


April 04,2023

Law making swatting a felony goes into effect in Ohio. 

Arrest of Cleveland Heights man underscores growing problem of deadly mix of xylazine and fentanyl.

Popo  red hot on the 2500 block of Lee Road ,speed limit is 25 MPG . I haven't seen this much police activity on the block ,ever, in the past  the three years .  Popo stopping drivers going northbound , southbound  on Lee Road.  They wait until it's dark and light this whole block up with the squad car lights. Slow yall @@@ down. Popo  making their presense known on this block for more than some traffic stops,in my opinion.

They were traveling to a funeral through Tennessee misdemeanor ticket cause their five chidren to be taken to child services.   This mess is getting out of control . Really popo, traumatize five children.  These stories go viral to bring fear to People of Color. 

East Cleveland Ask For Help After 11 Officers Indicted

Shaker Heights Citizens Launch Campaing To Put Police Reform On The Ballot.   WAKE UP! 71% of the traffic tickets were given to People of COLOR!  

Former Georgia Sheriff  sentenced  to prison over illegal restraints.

Really, other Officers are killing and choke holding  are placed on paid leave and case  dimissed, as justified. 

Suspected Catalytic Converter found  under car dead. 

Sidney  Holmes:  Man who was wrongfully convicted sentenced to 400 years  is freed after 34 years in jail.    No  mention of a dime in restitution. 

Do Not use a handgun for HOME DEFENSE  Pistol vs Shotgun

Moment Passerby help female Ohio Officer during attack. If this would have been a man of Color, who assaulted her, more than likely he would have been shot dead and she would have been justified.

Afroman  sued by officers who raided his Ohio home.

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