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May 07,2023 

 For the record, yes, I do use profanity when a profane situation is present, because that is the only language these ignorant crackhead trespassers  understand.  To those that enjoy trying to crash my Holy days you are  doing nothing  but showing your true ignorance. I will continue to celebrate, decorate each and every HOLY DAY  until I vacate this property.  

April 5,2023 

 I placed decorations on my yard today, within a couple hours, here comes Silly Willy the mail Carrier trampling through mud coming as close to the porch/ house trying to gather information to report to the head hatemonger.  I am showing a pattern of hate by calculated cowards.  

In the near future a compilation of  time stamped videos  will be published  on social media to show a clear pattern of trespassers intent . It has not failed every  time I have placed decorations on my yard trespassers come on the property two legged and four legged. 

Keep sending the content, so I can show the world how the 2500 block of Lee Road in  Cleveland Heights,Ohio entertain themselves with their petty, pickled ways. 

Thank you again for valadating who I am.  You cannot stop my praise to the ALMIGHTY MOST HIGH!  The BIBLE plays 24/7 in my  humble abode. So send your trespasser to grab them a few scriptures.   

The day I move off this block it will return to BOREDOM .