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May 07, 2023

Fire Pit Rules and Regulations | Cleveland Heights, OH 

Recreational marijuana moves toward ballot in Ohio.

In the dire need of funding, someone always tries to stop progress.  Alcohol and tobacco products are killing people daily and there is no problem stocking the shelves.  Take a look at Michigan, they digging themselves out of debt with the tax dollars from cannabis. WAKE UP OHIO!

Going green: Cleveland Heights to exchange 30 residents’ gas lawnmowers for electric .

FYI: In California , cities  approached Lowes, Home Depot and Ace Hardware to offer  discounts to residents purchasing  green lawn mowers. One city organzied a trading post in the parking . Vendors sold  green lawn equipment  at  a substanstial discount for one week.  The cities advertised with flyer in the  utilty bills ,on their website and on major bus stops.  California took the bull by the horn and other states are following, they banned the sale by 2024 of gas  lawn mowers,leaf blowers and snowblowers. 

Handing out 30 lawnmowers is not fair,the same as with the pandemic funds, the city offered a certain amount the funds  to a few businesses, when all businesses were impacted.  It should have been divided among all businesses. If ALL are welcome the citty should focus on inclusion for ALL  residents. 

Cleveland Heights Charter Review appointments hit impassse on City Council. 

Apparently they removed that video of  Councilwoman Hart tuning off Council woman Russel's microphone and police   arriving. Peple you really need to pour yourself an alcoholic beverage , to watch  your city leadership  divy up the money and make new laws. It's mind blowing. 


It's a crying shame with  some of the salaries paid to employees working for  Cleveland Heights ,while other salaries raise questions.  Check out OpenGovPay


States  Have Generated Over $15 Billion In Marijuana Tax Revenue Since 2014, Though Earnings Declined Last Year, Report Finds - Marijuana Moment 

Instead of  questionable excessive  property taxes  and controling residents porperty with a POSI ,find a more lucrative option that will generate a positive cash flow.  I have owned property in Colorado and California with marijuana tax in effect,my property taxes were  less than $300 a year.  Wake up People this POSI is a dying breed people will flee from this mess and all you have are vacant properties that bring down property values. 

Recreational pot generates tax dollars and revenues for grocery store and resturauts because its a known fact people get the munchies after smoking pot. There is a fentanyl epidemic on the rise approve recreational pot and that number will decrease. 


Shaker Heights elementary students protest to save beloved native pollinator garden 

Children can protest for a garden but  homeowners with a POSI can not protest to protect their generational wealth.  


Cleveland files 100 affidavits to hold property owners accountable for not getting lead paint out of homes 

If it happens in Clevend its coming to the Heights.


Ohio Attorney General cracking down on yard polluters

I think the budget will be exhausted in East Cleveland.I drove through East Cleveland a few weeks ago and thought I was in a war zone.  My suggestion for East Cleveland, demolish those vacant buildings ,allow the public to recycle the bricks.  The standing vacant buildings are breeding grounds for crime and it's univiting for potential buyers.  I physically became sick to my stomach, driving through East Cleveland 


Ohio Attorney General goes after 20 year old parking tickets.  Notice the first sentence "in a push to bring money into governemet coffers".  A simple solution is to legalize recreational cannabis.  States across the country are raking in millions on cannabis taxes.  Alcohol and cigarettes have more adverse health effects than cannabis. 


April 16,2023

Cleveland Heights sends letter to feds over Key Bank closures,lending record.  When a bank move to your community they foresee prosperity ,when a bank moves out they have performed a community econmic projection with a loss of revenue. 

This is further proof that the population is decreasing. Per the US Census, Cleveland Heights population was at 45,306 in 2020 two years later there was a decline, to an estimate of 44,652. 

This is noticaeble to me ,watching the decline of pedestrians and traffic on Lee Road ,one of the main roads in Cleveland Heights.  It is noticeable, when I travel through Cleveland Heights ,with few or no customers at local businesses. 

 World Population clearly shows in their population graph, the decline in population in 2023 to 43,623. The graph indicates that in 1970,  around the time the POSI came into play, the population dropped from 60,000 and never returned.  The POSI is the problem with population  and economic growth in Cleveland Heights.

I am not a politician, mathematician or statiscian, I am a victim of the POSI  vicious destruction of population, in Cleveland Heights.  Ban the POSI,before it's too late. 

April 04,2023

Cuyahoga County continues to have greatest population loss in Ohio-new census estimates.   This is a wake  call to All mayors in Cuyahoga County that have a POSI: PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP AND MOVING! 

 I will continue to weep and pray for the PEOPLE who are  adversely impacted by this POSI. It is apparent that  the PEOPLE feel they cannot fight this BEAST of a POSI,hence they MOVE! 

When I scan through the foreclosure dockets  in Cuyahoga Courts from January 2020 to present, I noticed  a number of Defendants are NOT answering the complaint ,they are  MOVING. 

It's staring to look like a ghost town as I drive through Cleveland Heights. 

The government cannot continue to take ALL the apples from our orchards and not give US a rightful SLICE of OUR PIE! This is not 1822, PEOPLE can read ,they may not say nothing or protest but they can READ and MOVE to a fair slice of pie.! 

 Changes to city ordinaces  happens all the time . The one that cause the most damage is left untouched. The PEOPLE in Cleveland Heights are under strongholds, high @@@ taxes and unable to sell or rent their  properties for a fair PROFIT. That's my opinion, based on homes sold  with the number of price drops and the amount of the price drops. 

Govenor Wes Moore first Black Mayor in 246 years  and third in the United States!  This is a real grim look at how far we as a PEOPLE have advanced. Do the math, in 246 years as a country, there has been  one President and three Govenors, in top leadership identified as "Black"  in the United States.  

Across the country cities and town are  electing their first "Black" mayor and first  "Black" Cheif of police. Tthere is one President and 50 Govenors in the USA and currently only one "Black" Govenor .  How can the People of Color expect equal and fair justice, when the top tier leadership have no  equal representation for People of Color?  We have a long way to go and a short time to get true justice. 

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