Let it be known that I will post all the repair issues. I have encountered for my time of existence. 

April 17,2023 updated

In my opinion this was not a full rehab but a sham job to qualify for a loan.  For example, I was under the impression, I was purchasing a brand new heating and cooling central air system. In reality, I use floor fans in the summer and space heaters, in the winter due to a system that was not installed properly.  Cost to repair thousands.  The county has the property listed as a full rehab with a value added of $117,700.  There was no value added just a cover up of major problems. 

Installing new sinks, tubs and toilets but not correcting the leaks and  replacing the sanitary line does not add value.  Deduct $20K from the rehab value and you are @$97,900. 

The list that I'm preparing will reduce the added value into a negative value.  Hence, the value I stand on is $84K and that is for the land and garage. People are paying high @@@ taxes on houses that are not functioning because a house flipper chose not to tear down , build new and the work that was performed was subpar.

It's time to let go, a lot of these century old homes and build brand new, safe energy efficent homes to justify these high @@@ taxes.  

 Based on my estimate it will be cheaper to build a brand new house than  placing temporary fixes on the house.   A proper full restoration will cost $300K to $500K .  In addition, to my list  of repairs,compare the 2019 POSI list  of repairs understand the city makes NO  guarantee of the quality of work. 

If the investor has POSI POWER they can come in and do  half @@@ work  spending less on their flip.  Case in point the POSI escrow was over $43K after JJ Solutions,LLC purchased the property the escrow dropped to  $15K.  

 Why send homeowners through this bull crap? Answer: It is a clever , well crafted city ordinance to have   CONTROL OVER YOUR HOME!.

Exterior -  There are stakes and or metal pins along the property line  to show the four coners and two interior markers.  Property survey completed March 20,2020 . IT will show you how many trees need to be removed.  Per an arborist all the trees are dead. 

 Dead trees removal , land leveling and reseeding  Note: dead trees are on the property line. The fence is not the proertyline,  Estimate $20K for the entire property.

No leaves to clean up or blocking the sun  replace with a garden to grow food.  Plant evergreen trees in the proper space.

It is highly reccommended to install a security surveillance system around the exterior of the property.

Overhead power lines  should be buried, powerlines are  coming from 2585 Lee Road crosses over the back yard. Who rigged this mess up? Quoted for main powerline $12K to be buried. 

Fencing- Remove the good neighbor fence and replace with a solid  vinyl or stone 6ft  fence, rear  and sides all the way to the sidewalk . Add motion sensor lights on each post .  Remove inner chainlink fence to open the backyard up and replace with a driveway gate in the rear giving a place for pets and children to play.  This will also help keep unwanted critters and trespassers out.  High estimate  $30K.

Front steps  and walkway need replacing  with bricks. 

Driveway have broken sections need replacing . Consider adding a heated driveway in the rear during the replacement. 

Level ,fill dirt ,compost, hay and  300# of clover seeds . Clover is drought tolerant ,requires no mowing,growth height 6 inches and helps feed the bees. 

Sanitary line need  replacing in the front yard with a T-trap outside. Per a plumber the tree shifted the sanitary line need replacing. This explains the slow drainage and back ups.The current plumbing system backs up and drains are slow. Don't be fooled by the inspector flushing toilets and doing water presure test.   A temporary fix was perfomed May 2020  removing the  tree  and its roots.

 I have  a copy of the plumber's sewer cam video showing the shifting of the sanitary line.

 I was also present when the plumber performed the sewer cam inspection, watching the monitor. Quoted in March 2020 @ $15K to $17K.

  My initial inspection with Home Detailed Inspections included a sewer  inspection, after the owner strongly advised  that I have one performed. The inspectors claimed on the day of inspection  there was no access port in the basement. After I sent photos of the access port, they claimed their equipment would not have fit.  This inspection alone, I would not have purchased the property.  The sewer line is not repaired the drains are slow and back up it will not support full occupancy of 14 as it does not support one occupant. 

Cedar siding  is dry rotted need replacing. If the wind blows they fall off, if you touch them they crumble in your hand. The siding is hanging on by a prayer. Photos below. 

Full gutters and  down spout replacement,possible dryrot on the roof edge. When it rains it looks like Niagra falls and if it freezes, a winter wonderland. Photos below show the gutters leaking on the power lines creating heavy icicles that have brought the lines down twice since February 2020.  Another reason to bury the power lines. 

The flat top and main roofs are leaking. Everything was freshly painted when I inspected the property, now there are water stains and cracks showing in the walls and ceilings. 

Porch should be torn down,  someone painted over the dry rot, steps are broken and a gutter is busted right above the steps. For some level of peace  from the church bells ,install an all season porch with sound proof glass. 

The rear all season porch off the kitchen,has a hole on the outside,it was the entry for groundhogs it has been sealed with a large brick and a stick.

 It appears someone hit the corner of the porch with a moving truck,gutters are smashed and  shifted the  porch foundation, porch  need  to be jacked up and reset ,steps need replacing.  The back porch is sloped due to the shifted foundation,has one outlet ,windows leak and one vent that barely blow any air. The gutters leak hence, water comes into the back porch.  Recommend to tear down replace with an all season patio with sound proof glass .

Second floor AC does not work has not worked since 2020, per the  technician the AC is under warranty the part is free  but the labor is $1600-$2000.  A brand new item that was installed during the rehab, does not work. 

Attic-  hot in the summer and cold in the winter, there is no insulation.   There is no air or heat coming from the vents. The bathroom has a spongy floor, per a plumber there is water damage and his meter read a high moisture content underneath the floor.  Mix match fixtures on tub and sink.  Handyman painted the tub.  Don't be fooled by the new windows they leak. 

Antique glass door knobs fell out of all the doors. The doors were open during inspection, so they weren't tested to see if they were installed properly. 

Basement windows were dry rotted and leaking anyone with a butter knife, could have accessed the basement. New glass block windows were replaced March 2020 and helped with some of the flooding in the basement.  

I thought the windows were dirty during the inspection turned out to be dry rot. I think the inspectors should have brought this to my attention. The basement door is the other access for water and flooding  in the basement due to broken gutters and unleveled yard that cause the backyard to create a pond in the monsoon season and snow melting. 

I place hay in the backyard to help hold the water back from the basement,it's a temporay fix and reduces the amount of water.  I have an oversized squeegee in the basement for floods. 

Keep the light on because there is no switch on the landing to turn the lights on. The steep flight of steps to the basement should be used with caution. 

2nd Floor rear bedroom ceiling and windows leaks. One two prong outlet. Outlet was not upgraded. Ceiling has water damage and possibly mold . The water is coming from the attic bathroom or the roof. More than likely,it's the roof because I have never used the attic bathroom. 

 Barley  any heat comes from the single vent. AC is broken on second floor.  The technician stated there is probably, no ductwork going to the vents.  Cost was not discussed because I wasn't  going to install ductwork. 

I don't know the status of the old boiler /radiator heating system but it would have been cheaper to repair the boiler system for heat and add ceiling fans through out the house oppose to "upgrading". 

Central air and cooling increases the value in the property if installed properly.  The County  received the permit for central heat and cooling and increased the value. I'm paying taxes  for central air and heating for a system that does not work. 

 During my initial inspection they could not test the AC because it was winter. Seeing  two brand new AC units and a brand new furnace in the basement, a Buyer would assume they would have ice cold AC in the  summer and comfortable heat in the winter.  

2nd floor landing has a battery powered themostat and all smoke detectors installed. Attic glass door  knob fell apart  in my hands one day while opening the door.

One two prong outlet in the hallway,the easy fix was to purchase three prong adatpers. Three light switches all work for the upstairs hallway ,downstairs foyer and side hallway.  There is an access door for the bathtub plumbing. 

2nd front bedroom,windows leak,one  two prong outlet. one vent does not blow enough  heat AC broken.There are some signs of cracking in the ceiling and walls. Closet has one pole and shelf original. 

Original flooring on the second floor hallway, both bedrooms ,both staircases and attic. Missing handrail on staircase going to kitchen.  

Main floor bathroom mix matched satin on the tub and chrome on sink and toilet. Window leaks. Toilet backs up, tub is slow to drain,shower does not have a lot of pressure. Has one vent apppears to have ductwork it is the hottest with more than ample  hot air blowing  from this vent. The short time the AC worked it was the coldest room.

Master Bedroom new flooring ,windows leaks,one two prong outlet,early signs of water stains on ceiling. 

 Garage built in 2011 by the Jemnks family had no power , I installed  3 interior wall outlets,a garage door opener, exterior outlet  , dusk to dawn LED lights ,powerline and a new circuit breaker box .  Why? because the Sellers did not upgrade. it was 23 breakers in a 21 breaker box. The city does not guarantee the work, this is an example why the POSI should be banned. 

By not having a guarantee ,the city can sign off on subpar work.   A homeowner is at the mercy of an inspector to give them the true defects of the property. People, this does not happen in other cities my past  electrical work on other properties were up to CODE, the city is very strict on making sure it is correct.  This overloaded panel could have started a fire. I think the inspectors should have  mentioned that on the report.  


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