The following pages will be updated on this page with new trespassers. It apears that someone needs confirmation that I am at this property. I am a ware the bank is sending someone once a month to check the status the other trespassers are coming from nosey neighbors  and so called investors.

Wednesday,July 15,2023 @8:52 a.m. a contracter of Color walked up on my sidewalk after parking on Mammouth. The contractor would returned  in a green, van with a ladder on top pull in my driveway until I came to the window.  He then backed out and pulled into 2599 Lee Road driveway where another contractor was 

parked in the driveway.  I came out to gather their license plates numbers  when the contractor of Color claimed he was at the wrong address.  Both the black truck and green van  left within the hour. ________________________________________________

Sunday,Juy 02,2023 man pushed stroller with dog woman walked with child on sidewalk. Woman pulled child to my front steps  to jump on my steps .  This is teaching the child to disrespct  People of Color property. This woman does this everytime she walked her  child by my house all whie snubbing her nose. She allowed the  to child to jump on my steps she does not allow the child to play on 2585 Lee Road steps. 

This couple would be seen days later walking by themselves across the street while I was mowing the yard. 


Friday,June 30 2023 @5:14 p.m. trespassser pulled in driveway took pictures. 


Tuesday,June 27,2023 @ 2: 35 a.m. trespasser pulled into my driveway.


Friday ,June 23,2023 @ 7: 20 p.m. After Amazon delivered package across the street @ 2584 Lee Road ,the driver made a U-turn parked at the corner of Mammouth Road. Driver walked across 2585 Lee Road and my yard to deliver a package to 2599 Lee Raod. Driver  appeared to be a person of Color  returned to their vehicle used the sidewalk.  


June 04,2004, I was a resident of Colorado, an event happened that made national news . At the time I could not understand why this man bulldozed this town because the media didn't give all the details. Someone decided to make a movie about the event to include the man that totaled a town with a bulldozer After watching the movie, I fully understand ,why a person would go to extremes when  people are repeatly violating your space  and stealing your property.  Bullies tend to pick on weaker people and one day that weak person will say, MUCK this whole world and go ballistic. 


 May 2023

May 24,2023 @10:17 p.m. a person in a SUV turned on his emergency lights while parked in front of 2599 Lee Road ,for unknown reasons the driver pulled into the centerlane infront of my house, came to my house halfway up the sidewalk turned around . the dogwalker was going north on the Lee Road, The driver walked passed 2599  Lee Road  where the dog walker passed each other.  Driver came back to 2599 Lee Road gave them a package . 

Florida man walks free after'shooting at' Instacart drivers who went to the wrong home. 

Ralph Yarl:Andrew Lester charged with shooting boy who ranged the wrong doorbell.

Why this elderly man shot a boy for ringing his doorbell by mistake is unfortunate,maybe this man was in fear he was about to be robbed bottomline coming up on people's property, you dont know what could jump off.