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April 02,2023

My name is Princess Ada Israel , I  served in the U.S Military, as well as my  Father, Daughter, three Brothers,Nieces, Nephews and a host of  other family members.  As an honarable, discharged veteran, I EARNED, an entitlemnt to purchase a home with no money down via my VA  Home Loan Certificate.

It has come to my attention , if the bank files a claim on 2591 Lee Road foreclosure and the VA pays the claim, up to $56K, I would be responsible for repayment. 

This paid claim would deny my future VA home loans until the debt is paid. 

A VA  Loan has a safety net to help veterans preserve their eligibility,the first month a VA Loan goes into default ,VA appoints the veteran a loan consultant to help save their home and explain other options available. 

Assuming my VA Loan with 3.125% would be appealing to many buyers, with the current rate at 5% or more. Unfortunately, there are two obstacles that will not allow my VA Loan to be assumed . 

The city of Cleveland Heights requires a POSI for transfers of  property.  I refuse to open this property up for inspection, with a blank check for the city inspectors. I refuse to make any madatory repairs the city might require with the POSI.  The history of former POSI are all the warnings I need NOT to pursue a POSI . 

Second, as the Seller, I have a contractual obligation to disclose all known damages to the property.  The repairs that I have encountered, over the pass three years, would decrease  the value of this property  to $80-$90K.

Hence, assuming my VA Loan would not be an option. 

Selling the property is not an option because it requires a POSI. 

 Deed in Lieu ,why would I give keys for cash when I believe that  I am a victim of mortgage fraud and housing discrimination . 

From my understanding keys for cash would be a lot faster , save the bank a boat load of money ,avoid foreclosure court and I would receive a  few dollars for relocation. 

Let's make it official and file the foreclosure, I placed an offer on the table February 14,2023 and the bank rejected my offer, to settle the matter without admitting to any guilt. 

I say to the bank ,who claimed ,they see no mortgage fraud,go ahead ,do as much damage, as you choose, this puchasse has drained my savings, a loss of a quarter of million dollar property,possible loss to my  VA entitlement and crushed my excellent credit.  It is apparent that someone is dropping my excellent credit score before any late payments have entered my credit report. 

To Veterans, avoid buying property in a POSI community unless you have POSI POWER. 

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