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Housing Urban Development( HUD) - Unfair housing complaints,rental assistance and homeownership.

April 04,2023

Father gifts son 40 acres for his 13th birthday.

Highest earning Counties in Ohio.  Why didn"t Cuyahoga make the top 50 ? They do not promote wealth building for all it's residents.

The Counties where People spend most of their paycheck on housing.    Cuyahoga County #2 out of  50  as fast as you make it, they take it. High rent and property taxes.  WAKE UP PEOPLE!

Hell On Earth: Why I would never Buy into a HOA again

Two houses I lost in a HOA over  unjust fines the upcoming documentary will feature both of these properties  from purchase to foreclosure. Three out twelve properties, I have owned, came  with added government restrictions all three  ended in foreclosure. The other nine properties, I was able to sell and move to another area. 

Lesson learned: NEVER by a property with additional government restrictions. 

The HOA and POSI in my own experience, have select enforcement. An example: my sign in my yard was pushed back by the authority using the city  sign ordinance, while other signs on the block remain any size and not within 20 feet set back. 

This is  bold, what the MUCK you going to do attitude is an example  of select enforcement and possibly housing discrimination. This is all a trick, to lure me into court and have  lien  placed on the property for legal fees and fines. 

Per a lawyer, the judge will rule in the city's favor because I was the one that was told to correct a violation. It doesn't matter how many others are violating .  Hence , I was advised to comply with the city's request  to set the sign back 20 feet in accordance to the city sign ordinance. 

 Both of these beasts have access to legal representation that will almost always prevail in court.  AVOID HOA AND POSI and any other type of added restrictions . 

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