Neighbor  allegedly shot/killed his neighbor over the use of a leaf blower.

Man allegedly shot  6  year old child after basketball rolled into his yard.

An Ohio man walks past homeowner,takes  leaf bkower,state Supreme Court says it's not burglary.

May 07,2023

No matter where you live on this earth, you will have neighbors.  Be it close, on a city lot or far apart on acres of land.  

Looking back over three decades of home ownership, the same problems with neighbors seems to follow me, apparently, it must be the blueprint for legal housing discrimination and hate crimes. 

 The color of my skin and attire, will start the kettle boiling, and when they find out I'm not a social neighbor and get their law enforcement buddies/family members to run background checks , that sets the wheels of hate in motion, as they need to know, what I'm doing in my house.  Ultimatley their goal is to harass,trespass and steal my property  to get their giggle on.   This  bullcrap  seems to be comical. 

Home improvements, seems to piss the neighbors off to the tenth power,hence, they  intercept any contractors coming to my property. They let me do enough work on the property,so they can enjoy it after I leave.  

 Neighbors look for violations  on my property to call city code enforcement, when they have obvious violations on their yard. 

Children on the block need to throw their balls,play and ride their bikes in  my yard while neighbors watch from their porch. The children are used as instigators to start an argument  and justify calling the police.  In Ohio, a child  walking with an adult has to run their silly @@@ off the sidewalk, to run up on my steps, this happens when I place decorations on the yard. 

It never ceases to amaze me that neighbors  need to  curb their dog on my property or release the leash so that their dog can run up on my property. This usually happens after I have made changes to my yard. They can't piss on me, so they  have their dogs do their business. I have witness,on several occasions,dog walkers crossed  Lee Road  to relieve their dog on my yard and cross back over to resume their walk.  

Because I don't celebrate state and federal  holidays,  neighbors are drawn to my property like a moth to a flame, to take a closer look (trespass),trample upon (destroy) my  HOLY DAY decorations and on one occasion  stole my decorations. 

Lights blinking on the inside of my house neighbors act as if they are concerned, when they are really being nosey and need an excuse  to call the police for suspicious activity. 

The real issue is my lighted menorah in my front  window. They don't want me exercising Matthew 5:16  because it's a conflict of interest with their faith.   

 My landscaped designs  for clients  and myself have been featured in HOA newsletters,garden publications, and won best yard many times. While my clients yards were never damaged ,my yard  has attracted  vandals  and  idiots  that go out of their way to  trespass  upon my property.

 For this reason, I always take pictures because it is a short lived moment for my landscape . My talented proof is with 2591 Lee Road, within months, I transformed this groundhog infested stench  of a yard into a decent yard and the past 39 months the overall  block improved. The current status of the property landscape is below par for my standards. A slide show of the transformation  will post  in the future for this property and the block. 

  Security cameras have really pissed off the neighbors,police have been called to my property numerous times to inspect my cameras.  When my cameras go up the hate is full blown.  Neighbors need to know what the MUCK I'm doing. Answer: I'm watching your wicked @@@,  because I don't have cable television.

Releasing wildlife did not occur until I moved to Ohio.  After I exterminated a hoard of groundhogs and other wildlife it pissed a few people off.  No one in my camera view  have wildlife running back and forth from house to house,except this property. 

Shutting down my Internet for days or dropping the speed when I'm about to publish my website when I have not responded to investors started in Ohio. 

Shutting down my music playing in the kitchen and master bedroom, hence, I replaced it with  audio Bible that plays 24/7.   

Lost, stolen/damage opened  mail and parcels  have been the worse in Ohio.  If they can't read what's on the outside of the box or letter they need to open my mail and packages. 

Unauthorized newspapers thrown in my yard. This is a trick used by thieves casing my property  or a neighbor wanting to throw litter in my yard.  I think the  creepy old man that throws the Thursday paper is watching me/my house.  

Parking my vehicle in my driveway seems to be another issue with neighbors. Send in the trespassers and wildlife to touch and go under  my vehicle or  they crank up the lawnmower  or leaf blower to blow dirt and grass on my vehicle .  

Blocking my driveway  while visiting  a neighbor. 

 Buying a new vehicle on the block tend upset the neighbors. For the past three houses,that  I have "owned" , I purchased a new vehicle,  within a month of purchase I received an audit  or a bogus collection on my  credit report.   

Credit, not until I shared my social security number to businesses  in Ohio,  my credit scores  have been on a  rollercoaster  decline , as if someone was manually decreasing my scores. 

Cookouts and music go together ,it has never failed in all 12 properties, police were called for my  cookout/music  and on one occasion the fire department.  Why? Because  they  are full blown hatemongers.  Misery loves company, this is the busybody  neighbor(s)  who can't stand to see me with a moment of enjoyment. 

FYI: Think about it . Would you invite me to a Fourth of July cookout ? Knowing it's not a holiday that I  celebrate.  The same stands with me, my cookouts are associated with my faith.  

Because neighbors  don't see people running in and out of my house, apparently they assume I'm running some illegal  enterprise.  This creates a post for police to park in close proximity. 

Thanks to video calls, I don't have a need to entertain people in my house and this property is suitable  to bring guest in for entertaining. 

I believe that this property have  listening devices installed or nearby or someone hacked into my phones because of the many coincidences that have occured. 

There was plenty of opportunity prior to me moving in to use one of the three skelton keys to walk in and set up listening/video devices. 

This property had not one single deadbolt on it when I purchased.  Per the locksmith, back in the day, neighbors  watched each other house and gave the skeleton  keys to the maid. There are only three master skeleton keys .

In my experiences ,the main neighbors in my business ,leading this bullcrap, are those ,running an  illegal business , scam,having affairs with each other , city  code violators,building without permits,extreme hoarding of personal items /animals ,selling/manufacturing drugs, excessive garage sales, junk car collectors, shade tree mechanics , their grass is knee high before they mow the yard, to name a few ,are among  my current and former neighbors that  are watching/watched me like a hawk. 

 They often try to appear as though they are pillars in the community or the unofficial block captain(s) they usually have senority on the block,below is the current ranking as of May 7,2023.  Often they have ties with law enforcement either, retired from the force,family members on the force , former classmates or friends. For the above reasons and many more are my reasons  why I choose  not to be in the mist of neighborhood  controversy. 

2585 Lee Road - May 28,1964

2645 Lee Road - July 18,1975

2627 Lee Road - February 18,1983

2566 Lee Road - July 24,1986

2615 Lee Road - June 11,1992

2628 Lee Road -April 26, 1995

2572 Lee Road - April 18,1996

2608 Lee Road - October 24,2005

2629 Lee Road - December 24,2012

2605 Lee Road - April 25, 2014

2618 Lee Road- October 31,2014

2600 Lee Road - December 21, 2015

2584 Lee Road - March 16,2018

2592 Lee Road - January 23,2019

2591 Lee Road - February 14,2020 ???? Transfer 

2624 Lee Road - August 22,2022

2637 Lee Road -  January 10,2023

2599 Lee Road - May 04,2023

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