Prisoner of Cleveland Heights Ohio

Inmate# 687-20-002

April 04,2023

My name is Princess Ada Israel, on or about November 10,2019, I contacted Tanesha Speed MBA,Keller Williams, Pepper Pike  via Zillow ,to help me find my retirement home,that was move in ready, in Cleveland,Ohio. 

She informed me that the Shaker Heights area was a better fit for me.  Little did I know, I was being set up for  financial ruins when I  purchased 2591 Lee Road in Cleveland Heights,Ohio. 

Here I stand, three years later, with a pending foreclosure that would have been sooner if not for the one year pandemic forebearance.

Instead of retiring. I have been fighting an entire state for  alleged collective wrongs associated  with  the transfer of this  property. 

 This is my story. I was allegedly  lured to Ohio under  deception  for the sole purpose to dump a property that was in dire need of repairs and was not selling to  local buyers, due to the laundry list of repairs on the Point of Sale Inspection (POSI) and an infestation of groundhogs. 

Throughout this website events will be highlighted about  how a group of professionals allegedly stole a quarter of million dollars and kept me in bondage for years, ultimatley losing my retirement home,savings  and va entitlement .

As of April 1,2023, I am 19 months past due on my mortgage , six months after, my pandemic forebeareance ended.  The lender has failed to send a demand letter to start foreclosure. 

Based on the circumstances of events , the delays  appear to be   a form of torture, forcing me to occupy a property,  in subpar conditions, while  depleting  the few dollars I have to relocate  out of state and drop my credit score to the lowest possible score, all because I chose to foreclose oppose to sell to an investor.  

 I'm doing the bare minimum work  to this property. There are major repairs needed,  I choose not to hire  contractors.  I am forced to maintain the appearances, of a property that I will never own, to avoid the City of Cleveland Heights from filing liens upon the property for overgrown weeds or some other exterior repairs. 

I believe the above qualifies me as a  POCHO. 


The following  parties will be discussed in greater details and their alleged roles. 

FYI: The statute of limitaions is ten years for mortgage fraud

Jenna and Jeremiah Johnson   JJ Real Estate Solutions.LLC

Jenna Johnson  Realtor with  Realty Trust Services,LLC 

City of Cleveland Heights  Housing Inspection Office, Current and Former, Mayors ,City Council Members and Manager , City Attorney and Police Department.

Cuyahoga Board of Revisions and Appeal

Cuyahoga County Foreclosure Court

Northern District  Court of Ohio  Federal Court 

Housing and Urban Development HUD Regional Office 

United Wholesale Mortgage

Merchants who fleeced and mistreated me because they were told not to render services  or they didn't care to do business with me. 

Veterans Administration 

Residents who  formed a pack  with their shady cowardly  acts to help run me out of the property. 

Parties listed on the Ohio Welcome Wagon  webpage will be discussed in greater deatils. 


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