MAY 2023 

Buying property, you will want to have a survey, before years elapse and the neighbors can claim your land.  If you are  planning on removing trees that are close to the property line, you definitley want to have a survey performed.  Neighbors have been sued to the tune of 1.2million dollars  and neighbors are difficult to deal with when it come to trees on the property line.

As  former landscaper, I always recommeded to my clients to have their property surveyed before installing landscape.  A survey will stop lawsuits,neighbors might be angry,  that what they thought was their land is your land. 

In Ohio and most states there is a law called adverse possesion of land ,the time and procedures to make a claim may differ. 

Within the first few weeks   of cleaning up the property. I encountered a few issues that called for a survey  of the property on March 25,2020 :

Among the one of few contractors that I  contacted  over the  years, one contractor offered a fair price , executed the job as promised and above par.  Let it be known that I called other  land surveyors, who quoted me a higher price and  would not give me an appointment.  

Blame it on COVID -19 for them not responding but one company quoted me a price over the phone with an appointment within the week. 

After a year of having the survey completed, I lost site of one of the pins ,Mr. Elton Cooper  Sr. , President of Cardinal Mapping and Land Planning did not hesitate to stop by and point out the pins.  

Big thanks to Mr. Cooper for his professional services rendered.