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Cleveland Heights Point of Sale Ordinance 

April 04,2023

Since it's no secret and it's public information, let's dive into the history of   2591 Lee Road ,Cleveland Heights 44118  Parcel # 687-20-002 . 

January 01,1975-  Cuyahoga County  -Alfred & Gertrude Hansen are listed on the transfer history.

December 16,1975-Cuyahoga County- property tranferred to Gertrude Hansen. 

Why did the city have the property?  

July 30,1981 City of Cleveland Heights  mortgage Gertrude Hansen $9,287.                                                 Blow up the document to read.

October 21,1992- The Huntington National Bank mortgage Gertrude Hansen $13,300.                             Blow up the document to read.

April 4,1993 -City of Cleveland Heights transferred to Gertrude Hansen  for $5,423. There was no POSI record on file. 

2003- Gertrude Hansen BOR Informal Review                             -No change in value.

2006- Gertrude Hansen BOR Informal Review                    Reduced value  -$18,000

October ??,2008- Gertrude Hansen's obituary

May 18,2009- State of Ohio Medicaid Department   filed Medicaid lien $26,047.49 against Gertrude Hansen.

July 09,2009  Remax  Agent Susie Lopora- Point of Sale Inspection expired  July 10,2010 for estate of Gertrude Hansen. POSI ESCROW $950.00

July 27,2009 Per Redfin Listed for sale MLS#3054518 price not showing. 

July 31,2009  Per Zillow  listed for sale $175K MLS#3054518 John Ludwick Keller Williams Pepper Pike

August 23,2009  Per Zillow Listing removed

September 24,2009 Per Zillow listed for sale price reduced  $167,900

October 10,2009 Per Zillow price reduced  $159,900

April 28 2010 Per Zillow Price reduced $154,900

May 07,2010  Per Redfin Property delisted unknown price.

May 10,2010  Per Redfin Property  listed MLS#3133061

June 16, 2010 Per Zillow Remax Premiere Properties Inc. lised for sale $149,900 MLS#3133061

September 14,2010 Owners Shaun and Debi  Jenks  Point of Sale Inspection expired September 14,2011. POSI ESCROW $8,550 

October 13,2010 Per Zillow price reduced $139,500 listing removed.

November 10,2010 Per Redfin Delisted

January 09,2011  Per Zillow Listed for Sale Keller Williams Greater Cleveland $116K  MLS#3193647

January 11,2011 Per Redfin listed for $116K MLS#3193647

January 16,2011 Per Zillow  Pending Sale $116K

February 23,2011 Per Redfin sold for MLS  $118K

February 23,2011 Per Redfin sold Public Records $121K

February 23,2011 Per Zillow Sold $121K

February 23,2011  Estate Admin Richard Painting probate court sold to Shaun and Debi Jenks for $121,000. 

February 23,2011 Howard Hanna Mortgage services to Shaun and Debi Jenks for $121,000.

May 24,2011 City of Clevleand Heights Gertrude Hansen  release satisfaction.

2012 Tax Year-Cuyahoga County  Permit-New garage no value added

February 19,2019  Shaun And Debi Jenks Application for POSI requested a  rush they had a Buyer  and title company with intent to close April 19,2019. 

Documents  below.

March 14, 2019 Letter from Cleveland Heights reducing the POSI escrow from $43,650 to $15,650. 

How is this possible when the POSI did not take place until April 10,2019?

March 15,2019 Shaun and Debi Jenks have a purchase agreement Upright Real Estate Corp/Nathaniel Cotterell closing date April 15,2019 for $121,000. County Market Value $240,000

April 10,2019 Point of Sale Inspection $43,650  original inspection in slideshow below.

This is why the POSI should be BANNED. A homeowner have a buyer and closing date get hit with a $43K repair escrow and repairs.  Their 2010 POSI was $8K and nine years later it jumped to $43K . The homeowner is selling a $120K house, this is insane. 

May 17,2019 Cleveland Heights grants  POSI  extension until August 14,2019.  

July 24,2019  Julie Smilth of Greater Cleveland Title Company  sent an email to Patricia Rainge Cleveland Heights Housing Inspection  REQUESTED TO PROVIDE LETTER OF TRANSFER,with a POSI Acknowledgement form attached. 

July 29,2019 Acknowledgement form signed by Jenna and Jeremiah Johnson, JJ Real Estate Solutions,LLC

July 31,2019 Cleveland Heights Housing Inspection, Director, Allen Bultler emailed LETTER OF TRANSFER to Abbie Leska ,Terra Butte Title  Agency ,LLC 

July 31,2019 Abbie Leska sent Patrica Rainge a letter confirming Shaun and Debi Jenks  repair escrow held for $15,650 until the City of Cleveland Heights releases funds. 

July 31,2019 City of Cleveland Heights extended the  POSI until October 31,2019 for Shaun And Debbie Jenks.  Former homeowner need to wait on the sellers to finish repairs while their money is held in escrow. 

July 31,2019 Shaun and Debi Jenks sold to JJ Real Estate Solutions ,LLC (Jenna and Jeremiah Johnson)  realtor/house flipper.  Jenks  sold for $100K that was  $21K  less than the buyer in March offered. Jenks purchased for $121K built a new garage and made other improvements . They made NO profit on the property. 

July 31,2019 Lending Home Funding to JJ Real Esate Solutions ,LLC $100K  Notice no description of property or name on documents just a loan number. 

July 31,2019 Per Redfin  and Zillow  Public records

 Sold $100K

November 5,2019 Per Zillow  and Redfin Realty Trust Services  LLC listed for sale $249,900 MLS#4147654

November 10,2019 I sent Tanesha Speed Keller Williams Pepper Pike an email via Zillow portal and text message @2:32p.m. ,Tanesha Speed returned text @2:34 p.m.  she called me and we talked for hours about what type of property I wanted and about my California home closing date, December 11,2019.

November 14,2019  Tanesha Speed sent me properties in Shaker,University and Cleveland Heights she told me on the phone the areas would be a better fit for me. She told me that she lived in Mayfield Heights and selling homes for 15 years in the area.

November 25,2019 Per  Redfin  and Zillow price reduced $244,900

December 10,2019 Per Redfin and  Zillow price reduced $239.900

December 11,2019 My California property did not close due to my Buyer was missing a document.   

December 20 ,2019 I sent a text to Tanesha Speed that I might have to place the property back on the market next year, when my tenants lease ends. Three days later Jenna Johnson   delisted the property.  

December 23,2019 City of Cleveland Heights granted JJ Real Estate Solutions, LLC an extension for repairs until February 19,2019, this is not a typo see document.

In addition, released $5,200 of the $15,650  escrow  to  Debi and Shaun Jenks. 

December 23,2019 Per Redfin the property was DELISTED.

December 24,2019  My California property closed, I called Tanesha Speed informed her I will travel to Ohio in January  2020 to see properties. Six days later the POSI was approved and seven days RELISTED. See document  below. 

December 30,2019 Allen Butler released  $10,560 escrow funds and POSI  repairs were approved. 

December 31,2023 Per Redfin property was RELISTED

January 1,2020 I was preapproved  for $250K. 

2020 Tax Year- County records -permit  bathroom AC not completed -no value added.

January 2,2020 Tanesha Speed went to the property to take photos and called me during her walk through. She told me "This your house, don't worry ,This your house". from that day on she would  tell me that she passed by "MY" house on her way to see her Mother or drove pass "MY" house . She raved about the workmanship  of the property. 

January 6,2020 I sent a video to Tanesha  Speed that  I was on the road. 

January 6,2020 Per Zillow and Redfin price reduced $234,900.

Januay 07,2020 I was involved in an accident in Arizona.

Tanesha Speed and I executed the Realtor/ Client agreement via dotloop/email   while I was in the state of Arizonia. Tanesha Speed DID NOT email me the Acknowledgement form to sign or POSI .

  January 08,2020  Tanesha Speed suggested an offer of $232K  and the Agent Disclosure was signed. Jenna and Jeremiah Johnson counter offer sent via text from Tanesha Speed to me: "Hi,received.Thank you for the offer. We like to counter at 232,500 with sellar paying 5000 towards closing costs and a home warranty. We would like to use Fidelity national title because they will give us a reissue rate and can we dated for 30 days but if we have to sign an extension then we will?"

  I later spoke   with Detailed Home Inspections owner,  Pete Mizeres,  who emailed me  an extensive list of  satisfied clients, he stated, I could call them  to verify his inspections.  He stated he would call the Sellers to see if he could do their pest inspection. 

January 09,2020, Resubmit a new Agency Disclosure Per Tanesha Speed's text message. "Also need you to sign the agency disclosure again the agent had to update the form stating she is part owner of the property. "

January 9,2020 Detailed Home Inspection confirmed the inspection for Januaty 14,2020 at 1:00p.m.

January 10,2020  Lori O'hara Fidelity National Title Sheffield Village sent email with wiring instructions.  I wired $1000  deposit for 2591 Lee road Cleveland Heights ,Ohio 44118 via bank wire while traveling to the state of Ohio.  I was not in the state of OHIO when I wired the deposit for the purchase of 2591 Lee Road.  

January 11,2020 I arrived in Ohio , Tanesha Speed sent text message to check my status. 

January 13,2020, Lori Ohara sent email  confirmed $1000 wire.

January 14,2020 I met Tanesha Speed at the property and  the  two home inspectors.  I would later learn, after February 25,2020,  from  another Home Inspection company that they bring a copy of the POSI to show the Buyer ,the repairs were made.  

January 16,2020 Randon test pass, ordered appraisal.

January 23,2020 American VA loan Brandon Brown gave me the best rate 3.125%. From January 1-23,2020  I submitted loan applications to four  companies.

January 24,2020- Brian Scheiber,Apprasail completed $260K 

February 7,2020 Closing date was moved to February 12,2020 from my selected date 02/20/2020.  The Sellers changed the title company and date. 

February 10,2020 walk through -I found a puddle of water in the basement, I asked Tanesha Speed to come to the basement to see the puddle of water,instead she stayed upstairs.  I terminated our client contract at 1:32 p.m. within 21 minutes Jeremiah Johnson was calling and texting me. 

February 12,2020  Sellers agreed to pay for waterproofing  Brandon Brown , Jermiah Johnson and myself had a conference call about the ademdum ,signing docs on  the 13th and transferring on the 14th due to holiday on Monday. 

February 13,2020 Rimas J Melinauskas of Rays Mobile Signing Service notary arrived  at my hotel lobby to sign closing documents.

February 14,2020 @ 11:54 Lori Ohara sent a copy of the signed loan docs  @  3:54 p.m. sent  email stating property transferred. 

February 14,2020 @3:49 p.m. Ohio State released Gertrude Medicaid Lien

@ 3:49 p.m.  JJ Real Estate Solutions ,LLc and Princess Ada Israel  Warranty Deed 

@3:49 p.m. Charles Pona and Gertrude Hansen Medicaid Lien 

@ 3:49 p.m.  Princess Ada Israel ,Mortgage Electric Registration United Wholesale Mortgage

February 14,2020 thru May 2020 I contracted with a number of contractors to correct major repairs that should have been completed with the total rehab.  The pandemeic travel ban and being a single, Woman of Color ,most contractors inflated their prices and or performed sub par work.  The groudhog infestation had been there for years,it cost me thousands of dollars to exterminate this hoard. In my opinon,former owners were fully aware of the infestation.This property would not have sold for $232,500 with the infestation present and a copy of the POSI disclosed prior to making an offer and a copy in hand during the  inspection. 

February 25,2020 obtained a copy of POSI from Patrica Rainge, she stated the title company had not sent over the signed copy of the Acknowledgment form. She gave me a copy of the POSI and a blank copy  of the Acknowledgement form with her business card attached to return via email. 

Febraury 25,2020 through April 13,2020 contacted numerous lawyers about the POSI not disclosed prior to offer, lawyers either had a conflict of interest or informed me that it's not worth it, to move forward, the case will not prevail, two lawyers  would take my case with a retainer of $5,000 and $20,000, both stated I would not prevail because other clients have lost,but they would file my claim after I paid their retainer. 

March 11,2020 COVID PANDEMIC 

April 13,2020- email sent to Patrica Rainge Housing Inspection Office signed copy dated April 12,2020

June 26,2020 @9:58 a.m. listed property 2591 lee Road for sale by owner for $277,777 via Zillow

August 14,2020  Lending Home  Corp JJ Real Estate Solutions, LLC Release satisfaction

August 23,2020  Zillow Price changed to $77,777

October 29,2020  Zillow Price changed to $44,444

November 17 and 20,2020  I requested all POSI documents and permits for 2591 Lee Road since 1977 from Cleveland Heights ,they complied.

January 8,2021 Zillow  Price changed to $44,000

January 17,2021 Zillow Price changed to $300,000

February 7,2021 Zillow Status changed  no longer for sale

 2021 Tax Year - County Records Permit - Total Rehab-value added $113,700

The history is not complete, much more data to publish. Check back later.

Last updated April 02,2023

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