MAY 07,2023

I don't know if  this is a COVID-19  or an OHIO thing , never before have I have had so many parcels damaged lost,stolen and delayed   from AMAZON, FED EX,UPS and USPS. 

 My parcels travel all over the United Staes and sometimes from out of the country, without any issues until they land  in Ohio. Somewhere between the local hub and the delivery driver packages encounter a situation.

For example, I ordered  a laptop  ,the carrier claimed it was delivered.  After contacting the merchant ,to inform them my security cameras showed no carrier came to my property . The merchant contacted the carrier and  the laptop arrived the next day.

 I ended up returning the laptop because I didn't know if it was hacked.   I have purchased  computers/laptops from this merchant for  over a decade, never had a shipping problem. The merchant gave me a discount and shipped my laptop at no charge , to a different  address  overnight .

Example of Package delay: I ordered my spare tire cover in July 2022, it is shipped in a extra  large box . Package came from California, lost in OHIO. After  a week the merchant gave me a refund and informed me if it shows up to keep as a gift.  The merchant informed me they ship the spare tire covers all over the world with no problems. December 2022, tire cover was delivered, box was torn to shreds with damage tape holding it together ,the tire cover was not damaged. 

Recently, April 2023, the carrier/hub opened my package, removed over half of the content,placed the opened package back in the box and delivered with a smile. Have ordered this product several times since 2020, never a problem . 

On the same order, a bundle of Costco leaf bags were missing. Really people.  Hopefully, they will use the leaf bags to clean up their yard.  Missing items were replaced the next day. 

 A detailed complaint was filed with carrier, as the lost/damage packages are happening above normal,it appears to be intentional and under command. I assume they did this to have a reason  to come back to my property.

  February 2023, I decided to cease deliveries to my address  due to on going questionable issues,February  zero deliveries,March one delivery  and April two deliveries. 

I'm going to do my part to keep that number low as possible because someone is capitilizing off my lost/stolen packages , it's hurting merchants to replace these items and I don't need the extra work reordering and waiting to reship. 

My complaints are stacking up for lost/ damaged packages, eventually they will find out if this is a theft ring in operation.  I believe the damaged packages come from drivers, who don't want to deliver to my address because they have a conflict of interest with my  yard sign or they are under orders to damage my packages.


 April 16,2023

On April 08,2023 @3:21 p.m. I received a voicemail from Cleveland Heights USPS that a GPS alert was placed on my address for carriers  not to walk on the grass. 


On April 05 ,2023 @ 10:09 a.m. hours after I posted my new website,replaced the sign and placed my decoration on the yard another substitute mail carrier trespass. He never looked towards the cameras it appears he was gathering information about my decorations, trying to see if there was any writing on my boards.  When he was in my driveway I started yelling at him ,he rushed to put the mail in 2585 Lee Road mailbox and rushed down the walkway to the street. 

I have made complaints to Cleveland Heights USPS since 2020 to ask the carriers not to trespass on my yard. This problem is not with the regular mailman. 

 After years of this bullcrap,  I called on April 05,2023 @ 11:09 a.m. USPS complaint hotline 1-800 -275-8777, after speaking with USPS I received an inquiry email confirmation.  All prior complaints,  I made with  Cleveland Heights post office I never received  a confirmation email.  

In my opinion, because they were never processed and to allow  the substitute cariers at calculated times to trespass on my property. 

Each and every trespasser that came on this property uninvited , allegedly engaged in a hate crime, even though some are of the same race ,because I have a menorah in my window, celebrating HOLY days they do not celebrate and I represent a certain group they have hate towards. 


April 05,2023

The message is for the crackhead USPS SUBSTITUTE mail carriers, who need to trample on my property to deliver mail to 2585 Lee Road.   It's so obvious you were sent to my property, with your stupid looking @@@. 

I filed a complaint (# 4977****) with USPS today, about the temporary mail carriers , that appear to be sent to my property, by someone hating on me.  

April 05, 2023, after I posted the website ,placed my decorations out ,here come Silly Willy with his mail bag, hovering as close to my house, to try and hear what  is going on. 

Silly Willy walked across my yard but used the sidewalk of  2585 Lee Road to come back to the street, when his truck was parked on the side stree that  was closer.  

The regular mail carrier walks across that yard after he delivers mail to 2585 Lee Road  all the time because his truck is closer but he doesn't cut across my yard.

  I know some one told this temporary carrier to walk through my yard because, they pissed off at what I posted  and my yard looks better than theirs. 


April 4,2023, I mowed my yard, this must to have pissed off somebody and they needed to send somebody to walk on my yard..... let's call Silly Willy, the dumb @@@ mail carrier. 

Anytime decorations are on my yard ,my yard has a fresh mow, they send animals and  trespassers. 

As far as the carriers, everytime I'm on a phone call here come a carrier twisting their flip @@@ across the property. This is not a coincidence. 

 If you recall when the uninvited realtor was on my property ,I was on the phone,the on hold music was playing in the background, as I asked him seven times to leave the property. 

I was on the phone with the Appeal Board  when Jehovah Witness waited until I gave my closing statement to proceed up the driveway. I had to stop my closing statement to yell at this group of grown @@@ men of Color , they saw my menorah ,so why would they want to peddle their religion on me.  Answer . Someone sent them to the property my hearing was public information and they lasst for 30 minutes.


On March 28,2023 @11:27 a.m.  it is my opinion that the substitute mail carrier was under command to walk on my property because I had flags in my yard and the tax slave sign. During the time on the property he or she was hood was pulled over their head with head down. Photos below.


To the calculated coward that sent the  temporary mail carrier bring your silly, sad,sack of stupidity on my yard.