The following cases are  randomly selected from Cuyahoga County,the parties names,property address and date of filings will not be disclosed.

Everybody can't afford a lawyer and everbody do not qualify for legal aid because it's income based. 

This is public information. 

In my educated opinion,if not for the POSI questionable restrictions  and excessive taxes, there woud be less foreclosures because homeowners would have less restrictions  to sell or rent  their property. 

April 04,2023

Case Study 1: A single male Defendant, purchased a property for less than $100K,six years later the bank filed foreclosure.  Legal Counsel helped him save the property.

 The Defendant fell ill , was unable to work, two years later,  he fell back into foreclosure, this time he represented himself.  

Based on  his  answer, the Defendant appeared to be illiterate, his answer  was heart wrenching. There was no way he could understand the legal jargon based on his response.  The bank was granted judgement,  property value was two or three times  the amount in default. Property appear to be well maintained. The foreclosure proceedings  lasted a few months,before he lost his house. 

Case Study 2: A couple owned their property for almost 20 years, fell behind on their payments. Their lawyer kept the case open on the court docket for two years before they dismissed the case for a loan modification.

 A few years later, they fell behind  and another foreclosure was filed. It would take the court another two years to dismiss the case and Defendants settle the past due payments.  Property value in excess of $250K

Case Study 3:  A single , female, Defendant, no legal counsel, purchased property for less than $100K, within four years was in foreclosure.  The bank filed their complaint  after six months of no payments.  Defendant  was served complaint, failed to answer within 28 days, Court granted  judgement to the babk. Less than three months on the docket. Estimated property value $170K. 

Case Study 4: A single, female,Defendant,with no legal counsel, purchased a property in excess of a quarter of a million dollars  ($250K) within  SEVEN MONTHS the bank filed  for foreclosure.  For unknown reasons all motions/documents for this case are attached to the case docket except the COMPLAINT  from the bank. Look at the swift action that was taken on this property.   Defendant was served, she did not answer, default judgement in favor of bank, in excess of a quarter million dollars.The bank sold  the property  two years later for LESS than $150K from the date of original date of purchase of the Defendant.  

Question: Why was the complaint not avaibale to the public? 

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