May 07,2023

This list continues to flow  with inspirational tunes from posiohio.org/4UWM

Blowing the Shofar Hebrew Israelite- Djerry Young Yisraelite video by  Jeremy Graves/YirmiYahu

Wake Up - Zemira Israel

Beautiful Poem- Charim Israel

Freedom - (ft. Yom)  Tawab Paryah

Where is the love? - Black Eyed Peas

No Religion- Mish Paka

Vanguards- Moses

Endtimez Ambitionz- Darak iBar

Pray- Open Writers

God Complex-Ahch Ish Milechamah

Going On- LaLa Musiq

Above the Clouds - (ft. Haquara iBar) Darak iBar

Free- Zakah Yasharala

The Message Pt.28  (freestyle)-Inyarachaa

How We Feel- Qadam Rawchaa ft. Zamarayah

Arise-Kellect Israel X HezekiYAH (FREE TRUTH MUSIC)

"COPS" (Bad Boys Bass Remix)- Remix Maniacs

Hold on Jus a Lil While Longer-  Sounds of Blackness

Nothing but the Blood - Eshon Burgundy

You Aint Never Lied- John Boye

For. Wmn (feat S.O. & Jerimiah Bligen) Eshon Burgundy

Long Time Coming ,Psalms 31- BritYah

Champion Official Music Video- Zemeria Israel ft. @BezaleeIsrael

War Cry- John Boye

Tear It Down (We Got Next) (feat. Bandz & Spiritual Spain)) 

Compassion- (feat.YapahQ & ZakarYah)-Topic


Judas Story (Watchers)- Darak iBar

Lorvins Call the Shots ft Beloved Daud -Son of Shemites

Don't play with me  Shadaywar

Talk About Us- King Malachi-Topic

Its OK TO Be Black-Jac Ross

Help Us-(Feat. Shem Levi) SHMA YISRAEL

Children of Israel-Ahch Ish Milecham

Jacob's Interlude 2  -Darak iBar 

(BROKEN)-Demetric Pruitt Anuah Yahu

I'm Praying for YOU- Lorvins Son of Shemites

New FIRE  : HOLY SPIRIT: Qadam Rawchaa x Shadayawar (prod. @mystro144_nosleep) APTMH" 

Hebrew Israelites Standup- Ahchwan ft. Kalayah & Qadam

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